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Visit Hospital

Requires: Get to work

Game Setting Requirement: Autonomy FULL


Updated: 01/19/2020


Are your sims not feeling well? Did your child catch a cold? Come visit the hospital and get checked out by our amazing nurses/doctors. We have a play area for children so feel free to bring your little ones as visitors.

Note: I'm aware that active lots can be buggy so I did my best to try to make it simple and work as smoothly as possible. Don't go to to the hostpital with the same sim within 24 hours of your last visit.

Ages: Child-Elder

Hospital Fees:

Medication $25

Care Cost (Situation) $100

Hospital Fees Per Family:

One Sim: $125

Two Sims: $150

Three Sims: $175

Three is the max amount of patients that can be seen.

How does it work

1. Plan the situation on your phone or calendar.

2. Pick the sims that you want to visit the hospital.

Visitors are optional it was an option added to bring along toddlers

or other household members that you don't want to stay on the home lot.

The hospital has a small play area and if you have the simsie save file she

built an entire play room!

3. Read the popups they will guide you on what

you are supposed to do. Please be patient each popup might happen at different times (random) for each sim to make it more realistic.

4. After your sim has diagnosed you will have to find your pharmacist and get your mediciation.

5. Take your medication and end the event!


I tested this mod and 8/10 times it ran smoothly for me and only 2 times I ran into bugs which was a simple fix so I posted below how to fix them.

How to Fix & Avoid Bugs

  • I recommend that you don't manually tell your sims to do any actions when they are told their room is ready but anything you do before then is fine.

  • Don't go to to the hostpital with the same sim within 24 hours of your last visit.

  • When you receive the pop up that your sims room is ready, cancel any interactions that your sim is currently doing-especially if you told them to do it so that they can autonomously go to the exam bed. 

  • If your sim hasn't been seen by a nurse/doctor and has been waiting for a long time you can cancel their exam bed sitting interaction (all of them) and if it doesn't get you seen use the "ask for diagnosis" interaction. This is normally an issue with children.


Date: 01/19/2020

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