Slice of Life Base

Updated: May 31

Requires: Base Game

Contains script file: No


This is the official base for the slice of life mod which allows the menu to function, the mod to work properly, and also the slice of life packs to work in your game. If you want to add more personality, realism, interactions, social interactions, parties, and more drama to your game then you need to download a variety of packs that you can choose from.

My slice of life menu looks different and it doesn't look like yours.

It will look different from now on depending on which slice of life packs you download and which slice of life packs are available for download.

Example: You can't expect to have a health menu if you don't have a slice of life pack related to health. ❤


These packs will add gameplay features based on which slice of life packs you download. You will need the base for these to work. The more packs you have the more full the slice of life menu will be. If you don't have a menu it is because you don't have a lot of slice of life packs so don't worry about it.

Download Packs Here: