Resorts & Hotels Mod

Requires: Base Game & Vintage Glamour*

Update Notes:

*I tried to make this mod as base game compatible as possible! However, some interactions towards staff members may require other packs (vintage glamour) which should still be fine since what makes it work you only need base game.

 Resort Lot Requirements:

- Bedroom (Double & Single beds)

- Kitchen (Stove, fridge, counter)

- Multiple front Desk (Desk, chair, Computer)

- Bathroom (Toliet, shower/tub, sink)

- Fun activities (Pool, TV, etc...)


How to Become a Visitor

This part of the mod works by using a lot trait.

Please avoid using the generic lot type for the lot trait because it did not work for me.

How to setup?

  1. Build or place the lot!

  2. Put the "hotel/resorts" lot trait on the lot.

  3. Visit the lot!


When you first arrive it can take up to 2-3 hours for the resort to open so do not leave the lot! This is because lot traits can take a while to activate. If you want you can arrive at night time and sleep those hours away or come super early like 4-5am. You will know for sure when the resort is "open" because you will be charged! Once you are charged the staff and people will slowly start to come. People will come all throughout the day and some people will leave!

Does visiting cost?

You will be charged $100 to enter the lot which covers everything the resort offers including food! After that each day that you are still there you will be charged $50 at 11:00am so if you don't want to stay again then leave before 11:00am.

Visitor benefits!

  • As a visitor you will be able to request birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or just regular food!

  • You can also stand up for yourself if the staff isn't doing what they're supposed to do!

  • You will have sims cleaning up after you 24/7 and feeding you!

  • You will be able to meet new sims or even run into a few friends that you already know!

How to Become A Resort Owner


How to become one?

You will have to start the "become resort owner" event by using your phone. You will only have to start this event ONE time if you get gold. When the event starts you will have to take care of the resort by yourself. Don't worry though because you won't have a lot of people to take care of! You will have to cook, clean, entertain and interact with the guests!

IMPORTANT: You will have to wait until the end of the event to actually get the resort menu to popup on your sim.

How to setup?

You will have to build/place the resort lot! The lot cannot be generic for the "become resort owner" event because generic lots don't always show up for events. You can however change your resort to generic after you get gold because you won't have to use the phone anymore.

When you become one

You will be able to open your resort by going to the lot that your resort is on and clicking on your sim to open it which can be done at any time and you will finally have your own staff!



When you open the resort you will be charged $500-$1000 to cover the staff and what it takes to run the place! You will make money based on your "resort" skill and on how well you ran the place!

The event lasts 24 hours but you can close anytime that you want!

How to quit / Sell your resort?

Use your menu on your sim to sell your resort! The higher your resort skill is the more you will get for your resort. The menu will disappear when you come back and if you ever want to come one again all you have to do is plan the event again! You will not lose your resort skill process!

Resort skill

You can build this skill by opening the resort! Getting gold will get you the most benefits and of course money! You can also slowly build this skill by interacting with your customers using the resort menu! You will slowly gain this skill after completing the event with a bronze or higher metal. 

Owner benefits

  • Not only will you get paid thousands as your skill grows but you can command your staff members to do certain tasks. You can even give them bonuses! 

  • The higher your resort skill the more people you can bring into your resort!

  • You get a new social interaction that allows you to brag about your resort! Which is perfect for materialistic sims.

My recommendations:

Your Resort lot

  • More single beds than double!

  • Separate showers from toilets or make public bathrooms.

  • Add a lot of things to do!

  • Multiple receptionist desks.

  • Use the island buffs lot type or ancient ruins it runs smoothly!

  • Don't but the resort on a generic lot it doesn't work.

  • Don't put the lot trait on your home...if you like peace!

Just Visiting

  • Come early 3-5am or late 7-8pm!

  • Make clubs if you want to make classes, more workers, drama, etc...



How to set up VISITING resort

  • Place/Build the lot

  • Avoid using “generic” lot types

  • Put the lot trait “resort/hotel” on the lot

  • Visit the lot

Quick Information

  • You will pay $50 to enter and $50 daily at 11:00am

  • You can request things from the staff, alert them of things, and even tip them!It can take 2-3 hours for the lot trait to activate so I recommend going at 4-5am or 6-7pm

  • The resort lot trait can be put on any lot except generic! I have tested it out on residential, ancient ruins, beach, and island buffs lot types only and those worked.


How to set up YOUR resort

  • Place/Build lot

  • Avoid using “generic” lot type FOR NOW! You can change the lot type to “generic” after you get gold on the event that one time!

  • Use your phone to plan the "become resort owner" event!

Quick Information

  • When you get gold you have to travel to your lot when you want to open the resort and use your menu to open the resort!It can cost $500-1000 to open your resort

  • The higher your skill level is the more more you will make when you get bronze, silver, or gold! You can gain the skill by getting bronze, gold, or silver. You can also gain the skill by interacting with the customers using the menu.

  • DO NOT put the “resort” lot trait on YOUR resort!

  • You can interact with your customers and staff! You can brag about owning a resort to other sims which gives materialistic sims some satisfaction! 

  • Opening the resort lasts 24 hours but you can end it whenever you want to!

Thank you <3

I really hope you enjoy this mod! I had so fun making it and some things were a challenge for me but it worked out!


Want to translate this mod or get a translation? Click here

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