Playable School Events

Updated: Oct 13

Requires: Base Game

Requires: Base Game

Update Date & Update Notes:

Don't feel like going into the rabbit hole today? Want to create some drama? Want your sims to make friends their age quickly without waiting? Want your sims to build skills for university?

What does it do?

These events allow you to physically go to class. You can build skills, character values, meet new sims, and even get promoted to a higher grade if you make the event goaled. There will also be cafeteria staff ready to serve those hungry hard-working students. Make sure you start this event before 8am so it will give you PTO so you will get the option to take a vacation day during the playable school.

Rewards for Goaled Event

Gold - 40-50% Chance of getting promoted

Silver - 30-40% Chance of getting promoted

Bronze - 20-30% Chance of getting promoted

How to go to class?

  • Build your school lot on a library, chalet gardens, park, or generic lot.

  • Start the event on your phone or plan it on the calendar before 8:00am.

  • Choose the student(s) and start the event.

Don't forget the calendar!

Lot Requirements:

There will be two cooks, two teachers, and a maximum of 12 students.

  1. Kitchen - If you want the staff to cook.

  2. Microphone - If you want teachers to teach.


  • Two small classrooms both with a microphone. (6 desks / chairs per classroom)

  • Two fridges /stoves for the cooks with plenty of counters.

  • Small sized school in general.

Events Included:

  1. Public Highschool - Everyday Attire

  2. Private Highschool - $75 Formal Attire

  3. Public Gradeschool - Everyday Attire

  4. Private Gradeschool - $75 Formal Attire

How to Build Skills/Values:

  • Do classwork by doing your homework or extra credit.

  • Study by reading any book.

  • Pay Attention by watching stand up performances by teachers.


This mod is recommended if you plan to let your child sims attend school:

Note: If you don't use the mod above the parents in the house will have to plan and attend with the children.

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