My Personality 😳 Pack

Updated: May 31

Requires: Slice of Life Base & Base Game

Contains script file: Yes

Add more personality to your sims and the ones around them.

Personalities are implemented through traits and are randomized based on your sims create-a-sim traits. You can always change your personality trait by clicking on the sim.

  • Adds 16 detailed personality traits (based on Myer Briggs) that add on to relationships, autonomy, skills, careers, etc.

  • Allows personality types to be automatically generated based on your sim's current traits.

  • Allows you to pick a personality type by clicking on your sim, going into the control panel, selecting the personality modifier, and choosing the pick a personality type option.

  • Allows you to disable personality traits for certain sims by clicking on your sim, going into the control panel, selecting the personality modifier, and choosing the disable option. (If you do not see the option to disable then click the "pick a personality type" option but click the X instead. Then go back and try to find the disable option.)

  • Adds autonomous animations based on your sim's age, gender, weather, time of day, and traits. Sims will react based on their personality traits or age. Which can increase the relationship of sims nearby watching them. For example, whistling, making silly faces, playing with invisible toys, falling down, being attacked by bats, playing with butterflies, etc...

  • Allows sims to practice kissing in the mirror.

  • Allows sims to practice flirting in the mirror.

  • Allows sims to practice proposing in the mirror.

  • Adds an option to do any of the personality animations if you have cheats enabled, shift-click on your sims, and choose the personality actions menu.

  • Adds a hidden toxic buff/moodlet that allows that sim to start fights for no reason, insult their lovers, and talk down o people. This can be removed by going into the "control panel" under the slice of life menu.

What do these personalities do?

Each personality type will have hobbies (they will also do them autonomously) that the sim will enjoy doing, have custom social interactions, skill benefits, career benefits, and relationship benefits based on their personality types. You can read the descriptions of each personality type to figure out which hobby they will enjoy or skills they will benefit from. You can also pick out the best career for them based on which hobbies they enjoy and they will do much better in those careers.