My Appearance 💄 Pack

Updated: May 31

Requires: Slice of Life Base & Base Game

Contains script file: Yes

Note: If you want the animation for putting on the masks you will need the personality pack.

Add appearance effects to your sims: acne, blushing, dark circles, skin damage, watery eyes, missing teeth, etc...

Pack Features

  • Allows your sims to blush when flirty, have teary eyes when sad, dark circles when tired, bruised which fighting, etc...

  • Allows your sims to have visibly nasty teeth when they haven't brushed them.

  • Allows your sims to have white teeth when they have brushed them.

  • Allow sims to get skin redness, dark spots, and dry skin which can be treated.

  • Allows your sims to get acne which can be treated.

  • Allows your sims to wear sheet masks to protect against acne.

  • You can buy face mask packets which are physical packages that you can open and use or gift to other sims. They can be found in the slice-of-life skincare menu or build/buy mode.

  • The stylish masks menu mask are selectable stylish masks they are masks that will remain on your face until they are manually removed. They are the only masks that require manual removal.

  • Remove your sims face masks & NPC face masks by clicking on them.

  • Gift/Recieve face masks as gifts. (Only available at certain times!)

  • Adds an option to cheat to permanently remove acne.

  • Allows your sims to get injuries while they are away from home.

  • Allows children to have missing teeth when they lose a tooth.

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