Memorable Events Mod

Requires: Some events require certain packs to achieve gold.

Update Date & Update Notes:

This mod adds over 40 social events to your game.

All thumbnails by me

In-game descriptions by @ItsmeTroi

Mod Description:

These events are really good for creating memories, telling your stories, creating drama, or just simply having fun.

Important: You must goal the event if you want gifts, memories, and extra social interactions.

  • A night out - Ladies night? Guys night out? This event lets your sim get a break from "everything" and enjoy the night however they like.

  • Meet the baby* - This event is a baby shower except the baby is already born. Let your sim's family and friends meet the new member! They will come help out and leave you some essential items for the future toddler.

  • Bachelor(ette) Party - This event lets your sims have their last night of freedom. Let them party with their friends and don't forget to tip the strippers!

  • Hot Springs - This event turns any public pool into a bathhouse / hot springs. It increases hygiene and gives you cute little moodlet/buffs.

  • Beach Party - This event lets your sims throw a party on the beach!

  • Camping - This event lets your sims go camping! You can stay up to two and a half days!

  • Celebration - This event lets you celebrate whatever milestone your sim has accomplished!

  • University Party - Yay! This event lets you throw a university party! Don't forget to take some pictures with the mascots!

  • Romantic Date - This event was created so that you can plan out your dates on the calendar!

  • Day of Grieving* - This event allows you to grieve over anyone that your sim has lost. You can grieve alone or with friends/family.

  • Easter Egg Hunt - This event allows you to plan out an easter egg hunt with your family! Don't leave out the