Honeymoon Event

Requires: Base Game


Updated: 06/25/2020

Update Notes: All locations are unlocked and I added more romantic relationship types to the spouse picker.

This mod was requested by one of you! <3

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Your sims will now be able to have their honeymoon which can be spent with each other or with family. This vacation with your spouse will last for two days but you can always end it early.

How to get started:

1. Open your phone/calendar

2. Plant or schedule your honeymoon!

*The sim that is calling will be the sim that it uses to filter out "family" and "friends" so keep that in mind when you are about to plan your honeymoon.


1. Joke about honeymoon

2. Make promises

3. Talk about fantasies

4. Talk about future plans

5. Talk about the wedding

6. Talk about vows

These interactions are for your spouse and will give you a chance at receiving

a random buff related to your honeymoon.

Don't forget the honeymoon woohoo!

Honeymoon goal:

The goal is to do flirty interactions which will bring the romantic couple closer! The prize will be a happy honeymoon buff that lasts 2 days. When he buff expires it will give your sims a hidden buff for the slice of life's memory system.

Slice of Life memory:

I added a hidden honeymoon buff for the future update of the slice of life mod so that sims will remember their honeymoon but it will only last 30 sim days. If you don't have the updated version before the the 29th sim day then the memory won't count.



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