Education System Bundle

Requires: Base Game

Update Date & Update Notes:

This mod adds preschool for toddlers it also allows teens and children to build skills while at school and while doing their homework. They will also have more interactions while they are away.

This mod includes the following mods:

  • Preschool mod: Enroll toddlers into public or private preschool.

  • Better schools mod: Build skills at school & have more interactions.

  • Smarter homework mod: Build skills while doing homework.

  • Online Schooling: Attend school online and do homework online with or without classmates.

What does this do? | Better Schools

This mod adds on to EA careers it allows teens and children to learn basic skills, increase motives, and have more choices at school.  Each interaction has an advantage and disadvantage. Some interactions will stop your teens/children from gaining skills and character values and some just will decrease needs. 

Preschool Addition

This mod allows your toddlers to go to school and build skills and character values. This will save your sims time of having to teach each toddler and will also give your sims a break.

Note: If your toddler doesn't go to school on time for whatever reason please use the "go to preschool" option when you click on them.

How to join:

Click on the toddler of your choice and select which preschool to join. When your toddler ages up you will need to click them to remove preschool.

Preschool Mod

  1. Click on your toddler sim and look for the "sign up for preschool" option and choose a preschool.

  2. After you have chosen a school y