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Basic Event Bundle

Requires: Base Game


Updated: 01/19/2020

Update Notes: Added university locations.

Thumbnail by: Radioactive

This bundle includes five basic events which will enhance your game-play and open more doors for story telling.

Here are the list events:

  • Date  - You will be able to plan dates now instead of immediately having them. You will always be able to go on a date at any location that you want. This event lasts 6 sim hours and is the only goaled event.

  • Hangout - You will be able to plan hangouts with all of your friends. You will be able to hangout at any location you want including their home(s). This event lasts 8 sim hours.

  • Invite over - Instead of one by one asking each sim to come over you can now invite them all over at once or you can just visit their place. This event lasts 8 sim hours. 

  • Stay the night  - You can now invite as many sims as you want to sleep over or you can sleep over at their home. This event lasts 14 sim hours.

  • Travel - You can now plan your travels instead of immediately going to the places you want to go. You can travel alone or invite other sims to go with you. This event lasts 24 sim hours in case you want to visit a vacation lot that you have created or placed.

This is Important: Hidden locations are meant to work only with the active careers so when you visit them keep in mind that they might not function properly. You may also be able to do things you thought you could only do while being in those careers.


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