Ask to be Roommates

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Requires: Discover University

Update Date & Update Notes:

This override allows you to ask sims to be your roommate with fewer restrictions. Sims with homes will now accept you unless of course, you guys are enemies. I didn't change the ban on asking pregnant sims because I am unaware of what will happen when they are in labor.

Note: This is an override which means I just tweaked/changed the game's original file. I didn't add anything new!

How to create your own roommates?

1. Create them or place the household

2. Visit them or invite them over

3. Ask them to be your roommate with this mod!

What happens if they already had a home?

When I tested it Eliza left her home and was at mines when I arrived. I'm not sure if it means she has two homes now or she's just my roommate only.

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