Animal Crossing Challenge

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Requires: Base Game + Outdoor Retreat

Update Date & Update Notes:


This mod gives you a little experience of island life based on the new "Animal Crossing New Horizons" game. This mod is an aspiration that you can find in the nature category.

Note: I was sad about people on twitter saying how they wish they had Animal Crossing or can't afford or find a switch because of the demand for them currently. I know this isn't much but I hope it gives you a little taste of what it's like to play Animal Crossing! With aspirations, you are very limited so I did what I could but obviously the game is way bigger than my aspiration.

How to Play + Walkthrough


This game is all about doing things at your own pace so take your time or rush through it.

  • Choose the "Animal Crossing" aspiration which is under the nature category.

  • Move onto an empty land.

I recommend moving to Sulani because it's an island.

Here is a basic starter set that meets all the requirements!

  • After you get settled in you will have to do a few tasks based around building up your area and meeting the other islanders who are just townies in your world. You can honestly just wait for the welcome wagon. If you want to make things more detailed you can use the games roommate system.

  • When you complete those tasks you will have more tasks that will start you on fishing, crafting, and collecting items for your future museum.

  • You will start getting gifts sent to you by your mom and other islanders. After you get the notification the gift should arrive the next day or a few days after that.

  • After you collect those items you will work towards paying Tom Nook back for your land. You can make money by crafting, fishing, planting, and collecting items to sell. You will have to figure out what makes you more money but this game is all about doing things at your own pace.

He's not flirting, its just the name of my sister's sim haha.

  • After you complete those tasks you will have another set of tasks to complete. Those tasks will focus on more crafting, planting, chatting with islanders, and upgrading your home from that tent.

This is how my beginner setup was but you can make your home area way better. I used the bush for my toilet but you don't have too.

  • With these items you are collecting you can sell them or start building a museum on your lot or retail lot. You have to improvise because this is The Sims 4.

  • After you finish those tasks you will be faced with your final tasks. You will be focusing on collecting to fill your museum, bonding with the islanders, decorating, and giving your home one last upgrade.

Build by Lyndsay_Land

  • Once you are done with the final task you will be given 1 million bells which converts to 1 million simoleons and the "one with nature" trait which might have a different name from the coding.


  1. No jobs allowed you have to survive off your island.

  2. No money or collectible cheats.

  3. Go at your own pace.

Don't Forget to Share Your Progress & Island on Twitter!


You can use items that you make as furniture to start off in the beginning!

Island Life Tutorials & Guides

How to collect bugs:

Insects can be found and caught anywhere in Granite Falls. Some Insects can only be found in the secret area in National Park, and some can only be found when it's dark.

How to collect fish:

How to collect fossils:

Desert Bloom Park is probably the best place to search for rocks, and they seem to appear more often in Oasis Springs in general.

Woodworking table:

Need Help?

What if I can't find an item?

If you have looked and researched it and still can't find an item you can use UI cheats mod, an aspiration cheat, or buy the items in build/buy mode.

What if an item isn't being counted?

You might have to put it inside your inventory and wait for a few sim minutes.

What if the requirements are too high for me?

You can cheat them or force complete them with UI cheats mod or aspiration cheats if you want to continue the mod.


Early Release

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