Among Us Mod

Requirements: Base Game

Among Us Outfits:

Extreme Violence:

This mod allows you to have a similar experience to the popular "Among Us" game with your sims.

This mod is filled with "Among Us" sound effects from the official game along with interactions and icons.

This mod works just fine without extreme violence if you do not want it.

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How is this game implemented?

When you start the event the bodies have already been reported and it is already time to vote. You have to figure out who the imposters are by questioning those around you. Of course, no one's going to admit to being the imposter or even hint at it so easily which is why you have half a day to figure it out. If you have extreme violence in your game the imposters will still be killing so you can easily vote them out. However, if you don't want imposters killing remove the "Let Imposters Kill" folder out of your mods folder which will make this mod more of a challenge since you have to figure out who based on their word.

You will have a variety of questions to ask:

Although they have different names you will get similar answers to these questions. They won't really help you towards getting "gold" on the event but is good for storytelling/roleplay.

These two interactions make the most difference

Voting for someone: will give you the result on if that person is the imposter or not. If they are then you will be notified and if they aren't they will be really upset with you.

Call the Imposter: will pressure the sim greatly to the point the imposter might actually respond in a way that shows how guilty they are. This is the best method to find the imposter.

How to use the mod?

  1. Use your phone to plan an event.

  2. Select your sims and then start the event.

Note: If you want to place your own map use a "residential" lot that your sim owns.

The sim must be a teen-elder to join the event. If you want to use extreme violence please do not goal the event if you are going to be murdering imposters or at least expose them first.

What about Extreme Violence?

There is a folder included in the download named "Let Imposters Kill" which you can keep if you want the imposters to be able to kill sims. If you vote out an imposter they will no longer be able to kill anymore.

This mod works just fine without extreme violence if you do not want it.

How many spawns?

  • Amount of Imposters: 2-4

  • Amount of Crewmates: 5-8

  • Household Members Allowed: 1

  • Reported Bodies: 1-2

The spawns are completely random which can make things harder or easier for you each time that you play the event.

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Alternate download link: Cliok here

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