After School Activities 🍥

Requires: Base Game

Update Date & Update Notes:

This mod adds more after school programs for children and teens which will allow them to participate in more sports and more clubs. Each program will help sims make friends, maintain friendships, build skills, motives, and character values. Your children will also be able to get some or all of their homework done it depends on what program they join.

Important: You will not gain skills, motive increases, character values, or get any moodlets during the applicant level. Please promote your sims (cheats) if you want to skip that level of the career.

For each program, you will start off as an applicant however with cheats you can speed up the process.

One of the best benefits of joining an afterschool program is that you will build more skills which means more opportunities for your sims when it comes to scholarships.

Programs available: 30+

Age groups: Child & Teen

Time: 4:00pm

Days: Weekdays

The skills you will gain from a program will be mentioned when you're applying.

Note: Disable "allow teens to drop out" from Mc Command Center if it is enabled.

Programs Available:

  1. Anime Club

  2. Art Club

  3. Babysitter Club

  4. Yoga Club

  5. Ballet

  6. Band

  7. Baseball

  8. Basketball

  9. Book Club

  10. Cheerleading

  11. Science Club

  12. Chess

  13. Daycare

  14. Debate Club

  15. Karaoke Club

  16. Film & Yearbook Club

  17. Flower Garden Club

  18. Football

  19. Gym Member

  20. Comedy Club

  21. History Club

  22. Kpop Club

  23. Fashion Club

  24. Nature Club

  25. Party Planning Club

  26. Petsitters Club

  27. Public Enemy Club

  28. Gaming Club

  29. Step Team

  30. Study Hall

  31. Cooking Club

  32. Swim Team

  33. Tech & Robotics Club

  34. Track Team

  35. Volunteer Club

  36. Wrestling Team

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Want to translate this mod or get a translation? Click here

Want to translate this mod or get a translation? Click here

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