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Oct 13

Slice of Life Update | 3.3


Edited: Oct 14

Sorry about the update so soon...but who doesn't want updates?


Update notes:

Menstrual Cycle

  • Whatever was stopping sims from getting their cycle is fixed.


Drama System:Added a checker that removes social classes even on age up! It will take 40-60 sim minutes to remove it. (So if you cheat the age up using MC command it should remove their social class) However, any scheduled texts are already scheduled will still popup but you won’t get those anymore afterward.

  • Lowered the chance of becoming popular or a loser.

  • Lowered the chance of teens being on wonderland during parties. Which opens the window of having more customers for selling wonderland.

  • Places that you can’t travel to at the time will be greyed out! Also, for now the travel options are only for teens and one is for children.

  • Increased the effectiveness of pills for faster results.


You will have more options depending on your social class.


Note: When you switch from popular to bullied it will still give you the remainder texts that were already scheduled but once it is done you won't get them unless you switch again.


Sickness System

  • Added more protection to prevent pets from catching "colds"



There was only one string was added to (Hangouts & Hookups package)


Note: I haven't done a translation before but I constantly make updates to my mods (especially slice of life) you can export your translated strings and maybe just import it into the update package file but make sure you compare the strings from the old version and add any new "texts" from the update.











Oct 14

How do you download it???????????!!!!!!!!

Oct 14

Como eu face download?

Hi Stacie, I've only been modding for like 2 months but your mods are my absolute favorite! My children are being bullied, is there anything that the parent or the child getting bullied can do about it? Like tell a teacher or parent or maybe even stand up to their bullies?

Is possible this mod could be causing adults to woohoo with whoever even if Married or in a Relationship and also giving out residence Keys to everyone they know? Trying to track down if it's your mod or Zero's mod because her mod improved autonomy mod and No Social mod could possibly be the cause too?

This is happening to me too, everyone keeps cheating with and it’s so annyoing! I’ve taken out the drama system and hopefully it’ll be fixed in another update because I love this mod and can’t play without it

This is happening to me too, I think an interaction causes the sims have woohoo autonomous and "try for a baby" without control, my sim is pregnant and I don't know how it happened and my visits have woohoo with my husband... is a chaos :(

Oct 22

+1 I'm having the issue with autonomous try for baby! My sims constantly keep running off trying to have a baby!

Oct 15

I’m not sure if other people have the same issue as me but once I updated SOL my sims weren’t able to interact with other sims or themselves only objects, I checked the other mods and it started working again when I took out SOL.

hello can you tell me what SOL you took out?


Oct 16

My sims get sick really easily and never goes away. Can you make getting sick a less chance?

Hi i have a question can the teen sim become pregnant met this mod when they tho the whoo with the stranger or not?

Oct 17


I had an last exception error when I using this mod.

When I submitted the 'last exception file' to the last exception site, the result was an empty error.

So I used 'Better exceptions mod', these notices appeared in the game.



Oops, an error has occurred!

If you continue playing, the game may behave unpredictably.


Possible Cause:

Slice of Lige Mod [3.3]/SOL Drama System/KS-SOL Drama System.package



Exception during call to test method on <class


ed_romance_highScore'> (AttributeError:




This problem didn't occur when I removed the 'drama system folder' from mod.

Can you fix this?

hi ive had an issue since downloading the most recent update where my female sim has the "temporary infertile" buff and it will NOT go away, its nice right now because i dont want babies but it makes her embarrassed

Hey I love your mod but I don't like the 'sleep here' thing. Can I delete it somehow? All my sims rather sleep on the floor instead of a bed and it's annoying me a lot. What can I do?

Oct 22

+1 I really don't like this either and it's messing up another mod I have. Can't figure out how to remove it. :(

Oct 19

To all the people wondering how to download: Simply click on the link of the public download, then scroll all the way down where it says "Download now" and click on one of the links.

Mod Issue: Slice of Life Mod

Computer: Windows 10, Dell G3 Laptop

Expansion Packs: Everything except Island Living, Realm of Magic, Moschino Stuff and My First Pet

Other Mods: Luumia Immersive Cas Lighting, Luumia NoBlu, Luumia NoGlow, Solid Color Lavender Cas replacement, loading screen background image replacement, Reshade. Cas custom content.


The Problem: So with 2 different households in the same save file, when I load up the game in live mode, the sims autonomously stop what they're doing and they go "Self Woohoo." 9 times out of 10, if they have slightly low fun and no tv, computer or radio, they default to choosing self woohoo if there's a bed available. It's the same with male and female sims. I've only tested young adult non-occult sims. I haven't tested with single sim beds, only double beds.


These are sims that I've cheated their skills, and selected their turn ons, turn offs and talents. I have not cheated any reward traits, cas traits or aspirations.


They seem to cycle through each buff that's available. They choose "self woohoo," get the "unsatisfied" uncomfortable moodlet, self woohoo again, get embarrassed, self woohoo again, get the "fumbling" moodlet, and keep spamming self woohoo until they get "satisfied" happy buff.

Oct 21

can someone please tell me how to exactly download this and actually getting it in my sims4 game. pls help thankyou :)

hello im having a issue that my child sims and the adult have the teen menu options, party wonderland pill, and the child get mean messeges every time, and later when they are teens still reciving the child bullies. The mod is for every sims or just for teen? i would like my adult sims dont show the teens options. thank

This version is out of date, you need 3.4

Sims too often autonomously masturbate. It's terribly annoying. Please fix it Sorry for my english

New Posts
  • My current status: Done updating. 11/14/19 University is finally here but unfortunately, it broke some of my mods. Make sure you check this post to see what has been updated or not. Testing Percentages 25% Tested Slightly 50% Halfway Done 75% Extra Playtesting 100% Done Testing Testing Terms Safe - Didn't give me LE's, interactions work, the game didn't crash, and doesn't need an update. Broken - Gave me LE's, interactions didn't work, or it made my game crash. Fixed - The mod is no longer broken but cannot be put into your folder until updated. Update - It needs an update and when the update is available the link will be provided. Testing Progress Slice of Life (25%) ---------------------------------- Update this again! 11/14/19 Explore Mod (100%) - Update Life Decider (100%) - Update. Better Schools + Preschool (100%) ---------------------------------- Update this again! 11/14/19 Visit Hospital Event (100%) - Update Traits Bundle #1 (100%) - Update My First Farm Animal (100%) - Safe Residential History (100%) - Update Honeymoon Event (100%) - Update Lifeguard Job Event (100%) - Safe Petsitter Job Event (50%) - Safe 100 Baby Challegne (100%) - Safe 50 Baby Challenge (100%) - Safe BFF Finder Event (100%) - Safe Haunted House (100%) - Safe Fill In The Blanks ($100) - Safe Planet Ogres - Safe Prom Night Event (100%) - Safe Sleepover Event (100%) - Safe University Class (100%) - Update Smarter Homework (100%) - Safe iBots Mod (100%) ---------------------------------- Update this again! 11/14/19 Food = Calories (100%) ---------------------------------- Update this again! 11/15/19 Pool Party Event (100%) - Safe Ogre Mod (100%) ---------------------------------- Update this again! 11/14/19 Showtime Mod (100%) - Update Seasonal Festivals (100%) - Safe Sugardating Event (100%) - Safe Resorts & Hotels (100%) - Update Party Planner (100%) - Update Graveyard Mod (100%) - Safe Basic Event Bundle (100%) - Update Updated Mods List ⚠️ Completely delete the old versions of ANY mod that you download. If you overwrite or use the replace option it will mix old and new files which can cause past errors or new errors. ⚠️ Visit Hospital: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/visit-hospital Better Schools/Preschool: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/better-schools-mod (2nd Update) Explore Mod: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/the-explore-mod Slice of Life: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/slice-of-life-mod (2nd Update) Life Decider: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/the-life-decider Traits Bundle #1: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/traits-bundle-1 Residential History Mod : https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/residential-history-mod Honeymoon Mod: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/honeymoon-event University Class: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/university-class-event iBots Mod: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/ibots (2nd update) Ogre Mod: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/ogre-mod (2nd update) Showtime Mod: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/showtime-mod Basic Event Bundle: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/basic-event-bundle Party Planner: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/party-planner Resorts & Hotels: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/resorts-hotels-mod Food = Calories: https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/food-calories Thank you for being patient and supporting me! <3 Love you!
  • This mod was inspired by @itsmetroi Date Posted 11-2-19 This mod is an override of "retail" lots but you will still be able to have "retail" lots. This mod will allow you to purchase multiple homes for your sims. You will be able to hire services, invite sims over, and invite sims to stay the night. You can also keep certain sims at certain houses which will make the mod good for storytelling. Divorced parents or split families can have separate homes. You can have a separate home/lot for farming. Rich sims can have multiple homes. You can have homes in different worlds! You can buy/fix homes and sell them! You can still have services on the lot! Whenever you want to play with a certain family member or sim that lives at a different home you can just use the "switch control to...." instead of loading another household. That way they will be all sims you can control except they will be on different lots! What do you guys think of this mod? Also, someone says it already exists but I haven't found a mod similar to this one from googling so far so please let me know if it already exists! Date Posted 11-3-19 There was some drama involving this mod from people saying its similar to littleMsSam's mod and Zerbu's More Venues mod which I did no research before creating mines because this idea came from a conversation I and @itsmetroi were texting about and in the moment I went to see if I could create the idea. Now I have done research and will list the mods below and what they do! More venues mod: Link: https://zerbu.tumblr.com/post/160347810775/the-sims-4-mod-venue-changes This mod adds more venues to the build mode, change special venue types, and makes world-specific venue types available in all worlds. It is not similar to my mod my mod doesn't add any venues it overrides one. However, this mod is a very useful mod, especially for builders. My mod doesn't unlock anything that isn't already unlocked. More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types: Link: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175385330458/more-buyable-venues-and-new-venue-types-this This mod allows you to buy more venues and have new venue types that she created. It focuses on allowing your sims to have more businesses and more freedom to create any type of business that you want and make money from them. It also states that you can buy a holiday home and in paratheses, she added: " You can buy more residential Venues" which means with her mod you can also just use them as ordinary homes. Time to playtest the mod~ So I put the mod in-game and gave it a try. You can get a holiday home by changing the lot type to "holiday home". So then I thought...well the only thing different between our mods is that you can hire services and do "house flipping" on mines currently but then I saw this: What makes our mods similar? We offer the option to get another place for sims to live just different titles. We offer services on those lots. Our lots don't require you to have a cash register. What makes them different? Her mod adds venues and mines override a current venue. (retail venue) Hers focuses on adding more businesses and more venues (holiday home is one of them) and my mod focuses only on buying more homes and being able to sell them for more money. You become a house flipper by buying and selling the homes that you own and adding and fixing NPC homes. More options/services. (People seem excited about the renting out home option mostly.) Will the mod still get published? I still plan on releasing this mod however even if I change my focus more towards house flipping I will still have to keep the retail lots as buyable homes so that you can fix them up and sell them but being able to also use them as buyable/additional homes will be the bonus. However, if you aren't interested in house flipping or anything that I offer with this mod then you should definitely check out her " more buyable venues " mod it is very detailed. Personal thoughts Keep in mind that we are all modding the same game with the same code so there may be unintentional duplicates of mods out there (occults, traits, game adjustments, etc...) or modders overriding the same code (which is why conflicts exist) but with different concepts/ideas because everyone thinks differently, mods differently, and focuses on different things. I apologize if I offended anyone or any of the creators above with this mod however it was inspired by a conversation with @itsmetroi and was created based on that conversation. This mod was not intended to replace anyone's mod or steal their idea/concept.
  • Drama System Children will have a lower chance of getting bullied. They will also only receive 1-2 texts when they are bullied. I fixed a mistake of having non-bullied children receive bullied texts it has been fixed! Added and fixed some text regarding pop up texts. Crash here will only happen anonymously if a sims energy is below -70. Mean interactions won’t cause sims to become popular anymore. Lowered the chance of autonomous wonderland. Self Woohoo System Sims will only have self woohoo autonomous if they are flirty. Menstrual Cycle System Sims periods now only last 2 days. When you get on birth control it will remove your period if you are on it. Appearance & Skincare System Fixed it so that if you are immune or get the immune buff it will remove current acne. Translators: Added some strings and fixed some strings in the “KS - SOL Popup Texts” package. Made some adjustments to the “KS - Self Woohoo Interaction” package but no new strings were added. Made some adjustments in “KS - SOL Drama System” but no new strings were added. Made some adjustments in “KS - SOL Appearance & Skincare” but no new strings. Made some adjustments in "KS - SOL Menstrual Cycle System" but no new strings! DOWNLOAD NOW