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Oct 28

[SOLVED, kind of] SOL - unable to click selected Sim


Edited: Oct 30

Hi there --


My problem: the Main System.package makes me unable to click on my selected sim, therefore there is no way for me to find the SOL pie menu.


Details: Nothing shows up, no matter how many times I click on my selected sims. Only shift-clicking works for cheats. I can use my sim to interact with others, but not with themselves.


How I found out: Since the problem was pie-menu related, I knew it had to be Systems related. I removed all mods that were system related and added them back in one by one, restarting my game each time. It was not until the Main system.package file was added that the problem happened. But Kawaiistacie has made it clear that I need this file for my game to work with SOL.


Solution, kind of: The next day I tried the opposite, putting all SOL folders into my game, then one by one removing the ones I was not interested in. The glitch of not being able to click on my Sim happened again once I removed the SOL inbox package from the Phone systems, even when the [do not delete] package was left alone.

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