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Jul 22

Roommates rent option not showing up

1 comment

The roommate my sim has at her appartment has been there for longer then a week but the ask for rent option isnt showing up, they do have the roommate relationship,

Aug 25

If you are still having a issue you can try revoking the key and giving it back and I will also check into the mod!

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  • Desde que instale el mod no puedo presentarme a sims desconocidos ni relacionarme, tampoco me aparece el menú de las apuestas ni del torneo de poker que es una de las cosas que me encantan del mod pero por desgracia me interfiere con Basemental drugs y gangs que es otro mod que tengo y no puedo vender las drogas y esto si me fastidia mucho ya que es mi mod favorito y en la mesa de cartas al darle apostar pasan dos cosas, o se quedan bloqueados jugando y sin ganar ni perder dinero o nada mas empezar a jugar salta un bug y se cancela la interaccion, conclusion mientras no sea compatible con otros mods y solucionen lo de las apuestas...
  • Hello! I'm having troubles with the lastest version of SOL. The "sleep here" option is making my Sims fall sleep overthere even when they are not tired. It's kinda annyoing due I can interact properly, also it happes constantly. Can I delete or change a specific file to remove this option from the game? I followed the tutorial for installing the mod, also I checked that there is no other mod causing troubles with SOL (I only have SOL, LGBTQ+ and Life decider). I did not touch anything because I dont wanna mess up the save and the mod. Thank you!
  • Hey! :) So, I have a teen sim, and she has gotten pregnant twice while actively on SOL birth control, and while having the "Temporarily Infertile" buff from her period. Not sure if it's a possible conflict with MCCC's Risky Woohoo? I don't have WW anymore, but I did have MC Risky Woohoo set to 25%. Both pregnancies showed up in the MCCC log file, so I think it's bypassing the SOL birth control & buffs. I don't have any screenshots of her active buffs at the time, but I know that I made her take a pill right before her and her boyfriend did it in the rocket at Geekcon, haha. She decided to keep the second baby. :)