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You can also report issues to my discord: https://discord.gg/PXdDupr

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SOL overwrites eye color from make-up

10Aug 12

Sugardating Mod issues

41Aug 11

iBot head accessories

00Aug 7

Just a heads up downloaded the update patch for Explore mod, it contained the files for slice of life, thought you should be aware.

01Aug 4

Exceptions Error

30Aug 3

BFF finder, Date event and Strangerville

01Jul 30


00Jul 27

Too many sims at events!

00Jul 25

After School Activities?

30Jul 24

Missing inbox-SOL

60Jul 19

6 Sugarhosts?

20Jul 18

Hey! I dont really know if in Slice of Life, when you are invited to some event, are supposed to do something or you just go there? Thanks

10Jul 18

Hey, since the newest update of slice of life mod i can't find the location of the bladder infection to delete it. Can you help me?

10Jul 18

Party Planner Mod - No menu?

11Jul 18


50Jul 18

I have tried multiple times to download the slice of life mod it will not show up in my my mods folder for some reason

10Jul 18

my skincare(from slice of life) does not work. im very upset and i dont know if its because i have 353 cc objects :( what should i do?

10Jul 18

Slice of Life Random Event Invite Causes Nausea

11Jul 18

iBot Mod :)

10Jul 18

SOL missing systems

10Jul 18