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Oct 21



Random hookups have taken over my game and its ruining my sims' relationships. The hookups shouldn't be autonomous or at least not so often. How do I remove hookups from my game completely?

Oct 27

Yea I wouldn't mind it also but my sims try to engage in hookups in the bushes with barely acquainted sims which really ruins what I have going on.

Oct 28

I'm having the same exact issue! My happily married sims keep trying to cheat on each other. I've tried removing certain files I think would apply to it, but nothing seems to work. D:

I deleted Teen Hookups and hangouts package and I haven't had any hookup attempts so far. Haven't played much yet though.

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  • For the SOL Mod its annoying that other sims beside households will have there period because they always smell bad.
  • Hello! I've just wanted to add translation to KS - SOL Memory System.package and I cannot do anything because TS4S giving me this information: So in my opinion it can conflicts or bugging game...
  • Desde que instale el mod no puedo presentarme a sims desconocidos ni relacionarme, tampoco me aparece el menú de las apuestas ni del torneo de poker que es una de las cosas que me encantan del mod pero por desgracia me interfiere con Basemental drugs y gangs que es otro mod que tengo y no puedo vender las drogas y esto si me fastidia mucho ya que es mi mod favorito y en la mesa de cartas al darle apostar pasan dos cosas, o se quedan bloqueados jugando y sin ganar ni perder dinero o nada mas empezar a jugar salta un bug y se cancela la interaccion, conclusion mientras no sea compatible con otros mods y solucionen lo de las apuestas...