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Jul 30

So I tried to use the Better School Mod and it not work I got a LE when I tried to use it. I want to use to in a story that I am doing.

New Posts
  • I would really love a simple mod where my sim can choose to watch a sunset or a sunrise (especially in high rise apartments and Sulani), where they can experience it alone or family or a loved one and get an appropriate buff. For example a vampire may get a miserable buff or a nostalgic for life buff at sunrise. Or even get super happy with a sunset wedding. I find it so frustrating that sims live in this gorgeous world but don't get to enjoy something as simple as the views and have no sense of it.
  • I would love to see a laundromat mod come into the game! It would be So amazing especially with your amazing work!
  • I almost forgot about the bartending job event but I will like if you can bring the ability to work as a bartender back to the game if thats possible.Also if you can bring back the the babysitting job event to the game and the other mod you did a while back pregnant skaters where they is allow to skate... Thank You in advance and thank you for taking a look at this wishlist as the one i did for homeschool mod and i hope they can make a return to the game again thank you!