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Jul 3

Moving out Mod

1 comment

I would love a mod where you can Move out a family member with out entering manage worlds.

Like you know when your teens turn into adults and then they move to their own home and its a whole event the parents send them on their way and they become their own household. maybe with out having to go into manage worlds. I've been doing the 100 baby challenge and this drives me crazy. I know we are not allowed mods in it, but I feel like this doesn't help the game play of that challenge and should be allowed....

Maybe like after they age up they use their phone to move out and then you pick who is moving out, the left over household hug the leaving adults good bye, (if their close enough) before they go. and then they either disappear to go into the inventory of your game for you to pick a home for them later so you don't have to leave your existing home or they just go into an existing empty house(actually this would be great xD then we can just move them later this way they can come to visit and are in play.) I just thought this would be amazing and would help expand the world. ive looked everywhere for a mod like this and have not found one maybe I'm asking to much or maybe this is possible in the game and I haven't figured it out please let me know what you think.

thanks bethie.

im not doing that challenge but its annoying. i would LOVE a mod like this.

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