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Oct 15

More Options for Explore Mod

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Edited: Oct 15

Hi KawaiiStacie, first of all I’d like to thank you for all your amazing contributions to this game. If it weren’t for you, I would not be a part of the gaming community anymore. So thanks for keeping my interest alive!


As for my suggestions, I’d like to see more options added to the Explore Mod:


1. More attractions in both the solo AND “Explore With“ slot, with options to:

- Go to the Zoo

- Go to the Aquarium

- Go see Football Game

- Go see Playoff (Basketball) game

- Go to the Circus

- Go to the County Carnival (with chance to come home with a stuff bear, could be modded after the toy stuffed bear kids have in game, with special moodlets for winning or not winning a stuffed prize, and moodlets for simmers that go on the date, could say something like “So and so is so sweet, I can’t believe they won a bear for me!”

- Go Go-Carting

- Go see a broadway play

- Go to water park

- Go play Top Golf

- Go to a Sip and Paint

- Go laser tag

- Go see Boy band (for teens and kids)

- Go see Disney on ice (special moodlet for kids and tots, teens get an annoyed moodlet If made to go)

- Go to a Museum ( with various options to go to the local art museum, the Air and Space Museum (for little summers that love to learn about the moon and astronauts!), A Museum of Natural History where sims can see bones of dinosaurs and then a Museum for Indigenous People, where sims can learn about the first native sims to the land!


2. Go to the beach and Go to the Amusement Park (for 8 hours). These would also work to fulfill special holiday traditions. I know we have this as a vacation option but it would be nice if this could be added as a regular explore option.


3. More Vacation Options

- European Getaway

- Ski trip (but have several buffs for sims where maybe the kids get a fun buff for snow tubing, while athletic sims get a buff for snowboarding, and maybe posher sims get a buff for learning how to ski?)




Oct 26Edited: Oct 26

For me I would like the optin for this mod is for YAs and older to get a bus pass since in RL not all YAs and older drive and we have to rely on buses or something.

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