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Jul 7

Better Schools Recommendation :D


Hello! So, I was thinking with the High School Graduate level of the High School "career," maybe there could be an option to do internships. I was thinking that there could be different branches you can join at this level, allowing your Sim to either intern or keep going to school on Mondays for one hour. I was thinking the internships could help your sim get ahead in future careers by building the skills needed for those careers or potentially allowing them to enter that career at a slightly higher level. For example, if you wanted your Teen Sim to be a scientist, after graduating you could have them intern where they would increase their logic, rocket science, and gardening skills. I was also thinking that when you begin as an intern you are not paid, but later you could get some money. I'm not sure how easy/hard this would be to implement, but I feel something of the sort would be cool. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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