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Oct 22

Texts Help?


Downloaded the Slice Of Life mod recently, and I'm loving it! The only thing that is annoying/ confusing me is that my child sim keeps getting mean texts from kids she goes to school with! This makes it really hard to build and maintain friendships, as even if I have a very high relationship with someone, they'll send me like three texts in one day and the relationship meter will go way down!! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there's anything I can do to fix or change it? Thanks

wich version do you have? she updated to 3.4 recently it should be better now,if your going to update remember to remove all the cache folders and the localcache file. also remove everything from sol and add the new one


Thanks. I have downloaded the latest version. I suppose there might be a few less mean texts. Maybe my sim is just really hate-able?

Oct 23

I've been having the same issue! I also updated to 3.4

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