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Nov 7

Slice of Life Mod

1 comment

My young adult sims get the moodlets, aren't they supposed to be just for teens? Also, they keep getting sick, and my male young adult has baby fever even though he and his male partner have two toddlers.

After the last update I can’t buy/use tampons anymore and my sims are always dirty and uncomfortable ! has the update created a problem?! Please let me know! I love this mod so much TT

New Posts
  • Not sure whether it's slice of life or better schools (since I have both) but my child sim is constantly being insulted via text by sims shes never met, or even ones shes best friends with! It's not just the occasional message either. Literally just had to quit my game since I couldn't even have it on fast mode with how much my phone was blowing up. About 20 texts a minute! I love the feature, but is there a fix to slow down the rate of receiving these messages or will I have to remove the package altogether? (I'm on the latest version for each).
  • Downloaded the Slice Of Life mod recently, and I'm loving it! The only thing that is annoying/ confusing me is that my child sim keeps getting mean texts from kids she goes to school with! This makes it really hard to build and maintain friendships, as even if I have a very high relationship with someone, they'll send me like three texts in one day and the relationship meter will go way down!! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there's anything I can do to fix or change it? Thanks