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Oct 11

Life Decider Mod


I suppose that I am dense, but I cannot find the parameters for this mod in any instructions. Does this mod only work with NPCs, newly created sims or whom? I cannot see a pie-chart option for the sims in my played family. ????? Thanks for your time and trouble


The same thing happened in my game

I can't find the life decider option/interaction :(

Please help <3

I thought that I already replied to my problem. Can't find that one. So, I want to update this post to say that it was my fault. I use a temp folder for placing my new mods in case there is a problem. I forgot that a script file is then layered too deep. I move the script file up one level and things work now.


Oct 18

Can you please bring back the private school mod and better school mods?

go to mods,then choose all mods,then go down the pages,you will find those two mods


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