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New Posts
  • I almost forgot about the bartending job event but I will like if you can bring the ability to work as a bartender back to the game if thats possible.Also if you can bring back the the babysitting job event to the game and the other mod you did a while back pregnant skaters where they is allow to skate... Thank You in advance and thank you for taking a look at this wishlist as the one i did for homeschool mod and i hope they can make a return to the game again thank you!
  • Desde que instale el mod no puedo presentarme a sims desconocidos ni relacionarme, tampoco me aparece el menú de las apuestas ni del torneo de poker que es una de las cosas que me encantan del mod pero por desgracia me interfiere con Basemental drugs y gangs que es otro mod que tengo y no puedo vender las drogas y esto si me fastidia mucho ya que es mi mod favorito y en la mesa de cartas al darle apostar pasan dos cosas, o se quedan bloqueados jugando y sin ganar ni perder dinero o nada mas empezar a jugar salta un bug y se cancela la interaccion, conclusion mientras no sea compatible con otros mods y solucionen lo de las apuestas...
  • I wish you will add the homeschool mod back to the game. It was one of my favorite mod that you have done. Edit: If Possible instead of just making homeschool for children and teens also make it for the adults that goes too college like they can homeschool from home as well If that is possible thank you in advance...If you cannot do the adults homeschool thats ok im ok if its just for teens and children